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Kate Beckinsale in Christian Dior at the Berlin photocall for Underworld: Awakening

Kate Beckinsale in a white dress

Kate Beckinsale is currently busy promoting Underworld: Awakening, and today she’s doing it in a white Christian Dior “crumbcatcher” dress. It’s white, because Kate Beckinsale almost always wears wear. She must be a very tidy eater/drinker is all we can say. Or, hey, maybe that’s what the crumbcatcher is for?

Speaking of which, let’s talk crumbcatcher bodices: they’re starting to be a bit of a red carpet trend. In just the last couple of weeks we’ve caught both Elle MacPherson and Andrea Riseborough in them. Kate’s forms the shape of a giant, sideways bow, but, as with most dresses in this style, it does add a bit of bulk to the front of the outfit, which is why we’re always on the fence about this kind of style.

What do YOU think?

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