Just for Redheads – a makeup line for…well, redheads

makeup for for red heads

A few weeks ago I found myself at the airport duty free shop with a few hours and few holiday euros to spare. "I know!" I thought. "I will buy me a lipstick! I SO need a new lipstick!" Did I get one, though? No, I did not. Why? Because I’m a redhead. And the cosmetic companies, they don’t like to cater to the redheads. In fact, I think they might have conveniently managed to forget that we exist. That’s why I’m so pleased to have discovered Just for Redheads. It’s a makeup and skincare line designed – yes, you got it – just for redheads. The colours don’t clash with our hair. The skincare is designed especially for our lily white skin. In short, it’s just totally kick-ass cool. They even ship internationally…


  • November 11, 2007


    Thank you for this!!! I just got my first order and I love this stuff. Finally, a lipstick that looks natural on my unearthly pale face!!

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  • March 13, 2009


    I am so excited to try this out! I have been searching for years for the perfect make-up andI hope my search stops here.

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