Wear or Die

Wear or Die: Playsuits

Wear_or_die_playsuitsAfter the couture crimes we’ve been featuring in Wear or Die recently, we thought you might want to slip into something a little more comfortable – or actually, maybe not when you find out that by “comfortable” we mean “a playsuit”. And by “a playsuit”, we mean “one of the two playsuits pictured above”. Ah. The “nylons over the face” look from the Martin Margiela show are starting to seem like a good idea all of a sudden, no?

Still, whatever you think of them (and who knows, you may even like them, in which case this’ll be an easy game for you), you must pick one of the outfits above, and you must wear it – or die. Will it be Topshop’s leopard print all-in-one, though, or would you prefer to be seen out and about in Grey Ant’s “bloomer suit“? (A word from the wise here: you may just want to check out the back view of that one before making your decision….)

Tell us, then, readers: which of these would you wear if you had to wear one, or die?

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