Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Jumpsuits: still on the Fashion Police hit list


Oh, for the love of… What is it with jumpsuits, eh? Why is it that every time we start to reconcile ourselves to their existence: to tell ourselves that, why, they’re really just like wearing a top and trousers in the same colour, and not even we can object to that, something like this comes along.

Now, we’d have been prepared to let this go, to pass on its way unhindered, if it wasn’t for the small matter of the elasticated legs. Because let’s be honest here, this isn’t so much a jumpsuit as a bloomer suit, and we’re sure you won’t need us to tell us why that’s wrong.

"Who knew elegance could be this easy?" asks Shopbop.  "Who knew jumpsuits could double as parachutes this easy?" answer The Fashion Police…

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