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Juliette Binoche wears harem pants in Cannes, hell freezes over

Certified Copy - Photocall: Cannes Film Festival

Well, readers, it’s official: harem pants have made it to the red carpet (or concrete sidewalk, in this case), and on no less a person than Juliette Binoche, famed for her classical beauty and chic French style.

The world mourns.

Or does it? The Fashion Police will probably never come to terms with the dropped crotch, but it seems the rest of the world is willing to embrace it, and we can’t help but feel that Juliette’s endorsement of the crotch is a telling moment in fashion history. Has the harem finally become a style staple? Will diaper-pants compete with little black dresses as the go-to party piece for women all over the world. Do these pants actually look… dare we say it… good?

We’re confused, and a little bit frightened. It’s like the world we know has turned on its axis, and now everything we formerly believed was wrong. If you look hard enough, we’re pretty sure that’s a flying pig in the background of the photo.

Help us out here, readers. Do you think Juliette Binoche is working the hell out of these pants?

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