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Josie Maran is a genie in a bottle, baby…

Josiemaran OK, I think it’s time the Writer’s Strike was resolved, for the sake of fashion at least, because without events like the Golden Globes to set the bar high, celebrities are totally forgetting how to dress for the red carpet.

Take Josie Maran here, for instance. She looks all set for a casual day at the beach, and doesn’t she look pretty, too? The problem with this, though? Josie isn’t at the beach. No, she’s on the red carpet, at the premiere of The Business of Being Born.

See, without the big events to warm up for, these poor stars are just stumbling around in the dark, clutching at whatever outfit comes to hand and hoping it’ll all work out.

Help them. Bring back the big awards shows. We need something to help us forget these fashion infractions…

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