Jessica Simpson continues her downward spiral

Remember when Britney started her downward spiral? At the time we all thought no one in their right mind would ever take it into their head to follow Brit’s example. We were wrong. Someone is, indeed, following hard on Britney’s worn-down heels, and that someone is Jessica Simpson. Witness:


So, looks like we’ve developed a bit of a thing for getting our boobs out, huh, Jessica? (And by "we", I mean "you", here. We’re not going to be getting our boobs out anytime soon, if it’s all the same to you). It’s that "totally trashed, partying hard, and flashing the flesh as much as possible" look that Britney has perfected over the past couple of years, and now it looks like Jessica’s going for it too. More pics after the jump…


Chick on the left can’t take her eyes off them…


"In your face, bitches!"

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