Dress of the Day: Black Tracey Boyd jersey dress


You know, I absolutely adore working from home, and wouldn’t change it for all the dresses on Net-a-Porter, but sometimes there’s a little part of me that wishes she could work somewhere posh, just for a week or so, so that she’d have an excuse to dress up all ladylike, with high heels, an up-do and a sharply tailored black dress, like this one by Tracey Boyd.

Alas, the life of a work-from-home writer doesn’t offer many opportunities to get dressed up, so it’s skinnies and vest tops most days for me, I’m afraid. If I did own this dress, though, I’d attempt to make it a little more casual with knee boots and an extra-wide waist belt, as well as going for that oh-sol-ladylike stockings and heels look from time to time.

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