Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer

A closet hero is an item of clothing which, once purchased, quickly becomes indispensable to its owner. Here at TFP, we don’t believe that there are particular items which “every woman” should own: we’re all too different to need or want exactly the same clothes. We do, however, believe that most people have their own closet heroes, and in this regular column, we’ll be sharing some of ours: and hopefully some of yours, too….

Today we’re kicking off with one of our favourite items at this time of year: the jersey blazer.

jersey blazer

All blazers: Zara

Actually, we reckon there’s a convincing case to be made for ALL blazers to be considered as closet heroes, regardless of what they’re made of. Why? Well…

1. They’re classic.

2. But they come in so many different colours and prints that they can also look very contemporary, even “trendy”.

3. They have the ability to instantly smarten up almost any outfit, whether it be a pair of scruffy boyfriend jeans or a dress.

4. But they can also work just as well worn casually: long gone are the days when a blazer was considered a formal, slightly stuffy form of dress.

5. They’re affordable: or at least, they can be, depending on where you buy them. Sure, you can drop a few hundred pounds on a sharply tailored blazer if you really want to, but you can normally also find a pretty good selection at places like Zara (which almost always has a wide range in stock: in fact, blazers are one of the things the brand is best known for) or Topshop.

All of this, as we say, applies to most blazers. We, however, have a particular soft spot for jersey blazers, because, in addition to all of the above points, they’re just so comfortable and easy to wear. The soft fabric tends to stand up well to whatever you want to put it through: it doesn’t crease too easily, and it doesn’t go shiny at the elbows – or not nearly as quickly as some other fabrics, anyway. Because of this, jersey blazers are ideal for things like plane journeys (they’ll smarten up your outfit for the airport, but roll up into your hand luggage once you’re on board), or those days when you’re aiming for a smart/casual look, and want to look pulled together, but not overdone.

All of these reasons make jersey blazers a Fashion Police closet hero. Tell us, though: what are YOUR closet heroes? What’s the one item you find totally indispensable?

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