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Jeremy Scott re-invents the denim jacket

Jeremy Scott denim jacket

Oh, that Jeremy Scott! We bet you didn’t even know the humble denim jacket needed a makeover, did you? Well, it did. And JS knew it. He’s given this one an off-the-shoulder cut, with a large neck ruffle. The poor jacket will never be the same again.

Would you WANT it to, though? Do you think so-called “classics” (We know a lot of people hate jean jackets, but just as many others would consider them something of a wardrobe staple…) should just be left alone, or is this one a welcome breath of fresh air? Does THIS influence your decision at all?

Jeremy Scott denim jacket

How about the fact that it’s $426?

Innocent or guilty, Fashion Jurors: what say you? 

[Click here for the product page]
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