Crimes of Fashion

The Fashion Police has a new mascot

Scarf shaped like a fox

Look, it could be worse.

Obviously it couldn’t be MUCH worse. It doesn’t really GET much worse than a $370 designer scarf which looks like roadkill, but seriously, it could’ve been a REAL fox (it’s actually mohair), and at this point, that wouldn’t really surprise us, considering that this is, after all, Jeremy Scott we’re dealing with.

(And yes, this is a SCARF you’re looking at, not the beloved stuffed toy of your childhood: the one you dragged around everywhere until it started to fall apart, but still you wouldn’t give it up because you loved it THAT much…)

Oh, wait:

Fox scarf in different coloursWell, wouldya look at that: it DID get worse! There’s no way you’d look stupid in one of those, now is there?

Scarf of foxesOh. Our mistake.

In all honesty, this wouldn’t bother us so much if it wasn’t $370. We’d still side-eye it, of course, believing it to be the kind of accessory worn by people who try painfully hard to demonstrate how “wacky” they are (Self-consciously “wacky” people are always the most boring people alive, don’t you find?), but if it was cheap, meh, whatever. But the idea of people paying almost $400 to wear something like this? That’s worthy of a Fashion Police arrest.

We’re not going to arrest this, though: we have too much of a soft spot for stuffed animals to do that. Instead, we’re going to keep it and make it our mascot. Every Force needs a mascot, after all…

Red fox scarf

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