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Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of “Bounty Hunter” at Ziegfeld Theater in New York

Jennifer Aniston attends premiere of "Bounty Hunter" at Ziegfeld Theater in New York

OK, we THINK we see where Jennifer Aniston was going with this. Possibly. Maybe. It’s elegant. It’s… drapey. It’s flesh toned, which helps give it that “Hey, look, I’m dressed like a statuette!” look so many celebrities seem keen on these days.

But… it’s just a bit MUCH, isn’t it? A bit TOO drapey. A bit TOO flesh-toned. A bit “I got creative with a bedsheet, and look what I came up with!” It’s also overwhelming her lovely figure a little, which is a shame, because from the top down we were totally on board with it.

All of that said, we love Jennifer and we think she’s pulling this one off: just. What do you reckon?

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