Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of “Bounty Hunter” at Ziegfeld Theater in New York

Jennifer Aniston attends premiere of "Bounty Hunter" at Ziegfeld Theater in New York

OK, we THINK we see where Jennifer Aniston was going with this. Possibly. Maybe. It’s elegant. It’s… drapey. It’s flesh toned, which helps give it that “Hey, look, I’m dressed like a statuette!” look so many celebrities seem keen on these days.

But… it’s just a bit MUCH, isn’t it? A bit TOO drapey. A bit TOO flesh-toned. A bit “I got creative with a bedsheet, and look what I came up with!” It’s also overwhelming her lovely figure a little, which is a shame, because from the top down we were totally on board with it.

All of that said, we love Jennifer and we think she’s pulling this one off: just. What do you reckon?


  • March 17, 2010


    I have the feeling she was aiming for that blouson effect Angelina Jolie did, what, last year? The year before? Anyway, the comparison is inevitable. Which is too bad because she could do an elegant look of her own that said classy and jet-set and avoid “who wore it better?” layouts. And that hem… I hope she didn’t trip.

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  • March 17, 2010


    Oh, Jen, come on! Your trying too look like a copy of Angelina Jolie is getting pathetic. Find a style of your own already!
    P.S. That particular look didn’t even suit Angelina, why don’t you at least try to copy something beautiful she wore?!

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  • March 18, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    Poor woman – she can’t sneeze without being compared to A.J.

    What mesmerises me in this photo is the man in the white tee shirt holding the pen – he looks like he’s about to faint!

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  • March 19, 2010


    Fashion Police, you just wrote exactly everything that I thought when I looked at the picture before reading what you had written. Seriously… everything… in that order.

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