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Style Trial: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Zoom’ invisible wedge boots

Jeffrey Campbell 'Zoom' invisible wedge boots
We’ve got to hand it to Jeffrey Campbell: these are definitely clever. They’re not QUITE as clever as we initially thought they were, when our monitor resolution was turned too high, and we spent far too long staring at the image and trying to work out if there actually WAS a wedge in there, or if JC had discovered how to defy gravity (There is a perspex wedge: it’s just difficult to see it, which is, of course, the whole point..) but still: clever. And interesting. And that’s why we’re putting them up on Style Trial, rather than simply sending them straight to jail, without passing ‘Go’, as we do with so many of Campbell’s creations.

The decision is yours, then, Fashion Jurors. Are they innocent or guilty of committing crimes of fashion?

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