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Campbell’s Corner: Pusher platforms by Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell Pusher platforms

Jeffery Campbell, Enemy of Feet, is such a serial offender when it comes to crimes of fashion that we decided it was time he had his own little corner of the Fashion Police jail. It’s probably safest to keep him as far away from the other inmates as possible to be honest: they have enough problems as it is without being influenced by items like the Pusher Platform (above). These have a 7″ heel, and are attached to the feet by a simple ankle strap, and… that’s it. So they’re as much an exercise in balance as anything else.

Of course, The Fashion Police outlawed all flatforms some time ago, so these are actually illegal in our little world, not that it’ll stop ol’ JC. At this point, we don’t think ANYTHING would stop JC…

Most amazingly, these are now almost sold out at Nasty Gal. We would really love to see what people would wear with then, and how they’d wear  them – we guess they’d come in handy for any event where you’d want to be able to see over everyone else’s head, but other than that, we’re kinda stumped. Any suggestions?

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