Modelling is Hard: Jeffrey Campbell handbags edition

Model wearing three Jeffrey Cambell handbags

These bags are from Jeffrey Campbell’s Girls We Hated in High School line. Luckily we were wearing sunglasses when we looked at them (The Fashion Police never remove our dark glasses) so we have no real problem with the bags themselves: we show you them purely because the expression on the model’s face suggests that girls we hated in high school ended up with three designer handbags strapped to their bodies, in the name of fashion. And that they don’t like it. But modelling is hard, girls! Look who unimpressed this girl is with her 80s outfit and slightly “wacky” pose!

Jeffery Campbell modelAnd, you know, you can change her clothes, but you can’t change her ‘tude:

Silly model posesModelling is hard: remember it.


  • October 28, 2011

    Lili @ Relatable Style

    I don’t midn the bags per se, except that they are modern-day fanny packs, but what’s up with the cups of that dress?

    Relatable Style

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  • October 31, 2011


    Totally agree. Barely even noticed the bags, was so busy trying to figure out why they put the model in a dress with too small cups.

    Explains her expression maybe?

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