Crimes of Fashion, Dresses

Jean-Pierre Braganza and the amazing technicolour dream dress. And leggings.

Do not adjust your sets, readers! And also: please don’t try to sue us for any loss of vision experienced as a result of viewing this post – go after Jean-Pierre Braganza instead, for these two items are both his creations.

We’d like to be able to say that either one of these items ON THEIR OWN would probably be OK, but we fear that would be a lie, and that even if the leggings were worn with a black top, and the dress was worn with no other technicolour items, they’d still give us a headache. They’d also still remind us of the kind of things you can find in tacky, beach side tourist stores in Florida.

If, however, they remind you only of the kind of thing you’d happily give closet space to, head over to Louisa Via Roma, where you can purchase them both. We’ll be lying down in a darkened room for the next couple of hours, if anyone needs us…

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