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Style on Trial: Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton twill bow dress

Marc_jacobs_bow_dressWe feel like we should like this dress. Bows are, after all, our thing, and when you zoom in on the picture, the workmanship on this one is exactly what you’d expect from a $568 dress. But the more we look at it, the more we find ourselves wondering: did the bow really have to be so big, Marc Jacobs? And its positioning just under the chest – that’s… interesting. Like, in the way a marsupial is interesting, you know? And actually, speaking of marsupials, we think that’s more or less what we’d look like, were to to wear this: like we just gave birth to a bow, basically, and now we’re carrying it around in our pouch. Again: interesting.

We’re also really curious to see what this dress looks like from the side, too. We somehow doubt that many people really want to make that area between the breast bone and belly button look bigger than it is, but that seems to be what Marc Jacobs has done here. It’s certainly dramatic, but it’s the kind of drama we’re thinking we could probably live without. What about you? Would you like to be the bearer of The Bow? If so, get this at Nordstrom.

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