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J Brand’s ‘Gigi’ cropped bell bottom jeans: discuss

This season, J Brand would like to respectfully suggest that we all start wearing flared jeans again (these look more like boot-cuts to us, but let’s trust them to know what they’re talking about). And they’d like them to be cropped to above the ankle.

Now, we love cropped jeans. We don’t mind flares. It would stand to reason, then, that we’d be all about the wearing of cropped, flared jeans. The thing about that, though? Well, where we come from, people would call these high-waters. They’d either ask you who died, and made you want to wear your pants at half-mast, or they’d throw you a coin or two to allow you to buy yourself some new pants. That actually fit you.

In other words, we look at these and we don’t see “exciting new fashion trend”. We see “jeans that are too short”. And we don’t need to pay $180 for too-short jeans: we just need to rob a shorter person, or shop in the petite section, when we’re not actually petite.

What do you see, though, readers? Are you ready to get your cropped flare on? Get them at J Brand if you are.

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