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Style on Trial: Issa printed dress

Issa_dressGiven our lasting love for bows, you’d think we’d also love pussy bows, on dresses, blouses and anything else they can be added to.

You would be wrong, though.

While we do like some pussy bows, we tend to think they’re the kind of thing that should be used with caution, lest you end up looking like a secretary in a bad sitcom from the 1970s. We think that’s what could happen to anyone wearing this dress by Issa, which is available at Net-a-Porter for £415.

Too many patterns. Too many colours. (Yes, we know there are technically only three, but somehow the style and pattern makes it look like there’s more). Too heavy a reliance on the aforementioned 70s as a source of inspiration.

In other words: we don’t like it. But do you? Tell us, readers: is this dress guilty or innocent of crimes against fashion?

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