Is this Kate Moss for Topshop dress the Dress of the Year?


This dress, which was part of Kate Moss's  Christmas collection for Topshop, has just been named Dress of the Year by the  Bath Fashion Museum. Just in case that means absolutely nothing to you, let us explain: it's the world's biggest collection of historic fashion, and the award in question usually goes to a "proper" designer, so the fact that it's been awarded this year to a £60 high street dress is something of an anomaly, and is being described by some as indicative of our changing attitudes to fashion.

Is it a worthy contender for Dress of the Year, though? We're sorry we couldn't find a better image than this one, which doesn't give you a great idea of what it actually looks like, but it's a long-sleeved, heart-print mini dress. From what you can see (or remember), do you think it deserves the title Dress of the Year?

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