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Style Trial | Irregular Choice ‘Eternal Friend’ unicorn high heels

Last season, Irregular Choice wanted us all to stomp on gnomes. This year, it seems unicorns are in the firing line:

Irregular Choice 'Eternal Friend' unicorn high heels

Irregular Choice 'Eternal Friend' unicorn high heels Irregular Choice 'Eternal Friend' unicorn high heels

Irregular Choice ‘Eternal Friend’ unicorn high heels, £115

Seriously, what is it with this brand and the abuse of mythical creatures?* Surely our “eternal friends” won’t be eternal for much longer if we keep on stomping on them?

From this, you’ll probably gather (correctly, as it happens), that we’re not big fans of the whole “living being as heel of shoe” thing. With that said, though – and we’re bracing ourselves for the backlash here – we’re not huge fans of Irregular Choice in general. Sure, they have their moments of genius: there are some styles we’ve really liked, and at a time when shoe design is all very “samey”, we have to appreciate their creativity, if nothing else. The problem is that some of the time, the designs are just so twee they cross the line from “pleasantly whimsical” to “dress like a toddler”. This, for us, is one of those times – although we somehow doubt ACTUAL toddlers would be wearing high heels.

What do you think of these shoes? Would it make it better or worse if it was a cat holding you up, rather than a unicorn?

Irregular Choice Paw Print

Irregular Choice ‘Paw Print’ heels, £125

What if the “cat” was on your back instead?

Irregular Choice Roar bag

(This one’s sold out, folks: sorry!)

But we’re straying from our original topic, which was unicorn shoes. Let’s add the cat shoes to that, and ask the question: do you think they’re a crime of fashion, or are they so cute they make you want to run right out and buy a pair. Everyone loves unicorns, after all. Right?

(We’re just joking. Unicorns aren’t mythical creatures: they’re totally real, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)


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