Irregular Choice’s Wrap Boots help you pretend you don’t have any legs

IrregularchoicebootsI know I’ve said this before, but as "wacky" as they can be, Irregular Choice have odd (sometimes very odd) moments of pure genius when it comes to their footwear.

This is not one of those moments.

Actually, these sinister looking black ‘Wrap’ boots remind me of nothing so much as those table legs the Victorians used to put little "skirts" over,  est they offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities. So, are these  boots for the terribly modest or are they just boots for the terribly dressed? You tell me…

Report Crimes of Fashion!

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Irregular Choice to make clothes, Fashion Police to call in re-inforcements


Now tell me: would you trust the people who made this shoe to design your clothes? No, me neither. But I have to admit, when I heard that Irregular Choice are to start selling clothes, a little part of me rejoiced.  Irregular Choice, you will be making The Fashion Police’s job too easy: no more will we have to spend hours out on the beat, identifying fashion crimes and apprehending fashion criminals . No, we’ll be able to go straight to your website and our work will be done. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll do a good job, who knows?

Irregular Choice will be showcasing their new clothing line on the website for one week, starting on July 1st. We’ll see you there.

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