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Fashion Police Poll: Do you iron your clothes?


When we ran our last Fashion Police Poll, on the fascinating subject of white shirts, I was intrigued by the number of people who commented on ironing, their hatred of it, and how their hatred of ironing prevents them buying clothes that require it.

Now, this was no surprise to me. I hate ironing with every fibre of my being. It is far and away my most hated household chore. Despite this, though, I am a compulsive ironer. I can’t stand the thought of putting on creased clothes, so I find myself ironing on an almost daily basis, much to my disgust.

Some people I know, however, just don’t iron. In fact, I know people who don’t even OWN an iron, and who have no intentions of buying one. None of these people use ironing services, either, so it’s always amazing to me that they manage to look perfectly well groomed, even although they will happily admit that their clothes have come straight out of the drier or off the line, and onto their bodies.

This just doesn’t work for me. If I don’t iron my clothes before I wear them, I look like I’ve been dragged through, not one, one but several hedges – backwards. For me, ironing is just one of those things I have to do if I want to look even semi-decent, and I just can’t fathom the idea of spending money on clothes and then wearing them creased – although I often think my clothes would probably last me longer if I was able to just wash and go.

What about you? Do you iron your clothes, or are you in the "don’t even own an iron" camp?

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