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Crime of Fashion? Iron Fist ‘Lounge Days’ wedges

Iron Fist Lounge Days wedges

We know Iron Fist has a huge, dedicated fan base, who think this particular brand can do no wrong.

We’re not saying we understand it, mind. We don’t think we’ll ever understand what makes people want to look like their feet are being devoured by zombies, but we seem to be in the minority there (On the plus side, we’ll be the only ones left standing when the zombie apocalypse comes to pass…), so for the most part, we allow Iron Fist to go peacefully about their business.

Until now, that is. Because when we came across these Lounge Days wedges on the pages of, with their “Cruella would love it” fur cuff and floral vamp, we actually felt like our eyeballs were being mugged, and that’s a sure sign of a fashion crime in progress.

Anyone want to step in and defend these before we write up a citation?

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