Crimes of Fashion, Dresses

Introducing the Drop-Crotch Dress. You heard us.


Seriously? Seriously? Designers are so desperate to add a dropped-crotch to everything now that they're even willing to put one on a DRESS? Because yes, that's a dropped crotch right there, folks. Yes, we know you thought it was just a dress that had, you know, got a little bit tangled up in the model's legs. But no, it's a dress with a crotch. Which, yes, technically makes it a jumpsuit, but of course you can call it whatever you like: we're going to settle for calling it a crime of fashion, and we're starting to despair of this particular crime (the drop-crotch in general) ever ending.

This is on sale, unsurprisingly, and you can pick it up at Shopbop for $139.

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