8 Instagrammable iPhone Cases for your iPhone 6

iPhone cases you'll want to Instagram

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iPhone cases aren’t just accessories for your phone, as much fun as it can be to play dress up with your tech every now and then. No, iphone cases are also important accessories for your Instagram feed: and yes, fashion bloggers, we’re talking to you here. Oh come on, we all know you like to artfully arrange your phone with a carefully-placed cup of coffee, and probably an open ┬álipstick too, for good measure. (Note: you know never to use that lipstick, don’t you? Because it won’t look nearly as good on Instagram once it’s been used a few times, will it?)

OK, we’re joking: we’re not saying you should buy these iPhone cases (or anything else, for that matter) just so you can Insragram them, and we would NEVER do something like that, would we? Let’s face it, though, it doesn’t hurt to have some cute accessories lying around, and we can’t be the only ones who find a new iPhone case sneaking into our Shopbop basket with almost every order, can we? Er, can we?

Anyway, today we’ve rounded up eight of our current favourite iPhone cases for your viewing pleasure. You’ll probably notice that quite a few of these are by Kate Spade, and we make no apologies for that: Kate Spade is the queen of the cute iPhone case, and the brand also does a great line in stationery. Notebooks, pencils, pens – they always come in handy, they’re a whole lot cheaper than the bags and shoes we’d normally be featuring here, and let’s face it: they’ll all help brighten up your Instagram feed too. These things are important, people: don’t pretend they’re not…

(Why do so many iPhone cases feature pictures of cats, though? Or pineapples? Or flamingos? Who gets to decide which animal or piece of fruit gets to be this year’s “thing”?)

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