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Incoming Fashion Trend: Feather capes and collars


If you’re a regular reader of The Fashion Police, you probably already know that we have a bit of a “thing” about feathers. It’s not really a fashion “thing” either: it’s more of a “totally irrational phobia” thing which means that items made with feathers can be relied upon to make us run very fast in the opposite direction, yelling, “The birds! The birds!” (This nugget of information may come in handy one day if you ever invite us to a party and discover that we won’t leave.)

OK, so it’s not QUITE that bad, but it’s true that feathers are not our friends, which is a shame, really, because we’re starting to notice quite a lot of them appearing on the fashion radar, mostly in the shape of the capes above (which are from ASOS and Topshop, respectively), and we know that a lot of you love them.

What do you think of this trend? Feathered friends or Birdwoman of Alcatraz?

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