In Praise of Ravishing Redheads

Hot Sexy Redheads
As some of you might know, I’m a redhead. Here in the UK, that’s a little bit like admitting that you have some hideously disfiguring disease. No, really: red hair is not popular here. Hot it is not. In fact, ever since I wrote about red hair, and how it’s perceived in the UK over at Forever Amber, my blog referrers have been filled with search terms like “can I dye my baby’s red hair?” and “what if my child has ugly red hair?” Go figure.

Well, luckily for me, I love my hair. And I love red hair on other people, too. Here’s a quick look at some famously ravishing redheads…

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman hot redhair
Nicole’s been letting the side down a bit lately, having pretty much fallen into a bottle of bleach in recent years. She’s at her very best as a redhead (the blonde is just a wee bit draining with her typically pale skin) and she’s one of the few redheads I’ve seen who can even pull off red itself. (Remember that gorgeous red dress she wore in Moulin Rouge?)

Lily Cole

Lily cole hot redhead
Lovely Lily Cole is the model of the moment. She’s beautiful, she’s brainy (she’s just won a place at Oxford University) and she’s a redhead. She’s so perfect that I really should hate her, but actually, I love Lily: there aren’t nearly enough redheads in the world of high fashion, and it’s great to see someone like Lily flying the flag. The red flag, that is…

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay lohan hot redhead
I know, I know: ole LiLo’s been through so many colour changes it’s amazing even she knows what her original colour was. Luckily, though, The Fashion Police have long memories, and we’re here to tell you that her original colour? Was red. Lovely, lovely red. (We’re still not willing to forgive the crimes of fashion, though, Lindsay. Sorry.)

Marcia Cross

Marcia cross hot redhead
Her hair may be as rigid as Nicole Ricthie’s stomach muscles in Desperate Housewives, but off-screen, Marcia is one sexy laydee, when she lets her (red) hair down.

So there we have it. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but these are my top four redheads of the moment. (Well, except Lindsay, obviously. I just let her in there because hey, it’s a Friday and I’m in a good mood). We need to praise them like we should…

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