Impostor Footwear: Shoes-that-are-pretending-to-be-socks strike again!


They look like they’re knitted, but they’re not. They look like they’re socks, but they’re not. They look like they’re ugly, but …. no, actually, they ARE rather ugly, aren’t they? Or is that just us?

These are Bless’s blue and white plastic and leather boots, and from that you will gather that these aren’t made from wool, which was our first thought, but are actually a plastic and leather “weave”. Which we guess is at least one point in their favour, because as bad as “plastic and leather weave” sounds, “hand-knitted boots for adults” sounds even worse.

Either way, they’re in clear contravention of our rules on Impostor Footwear, and the elastic around the top is just the final straw for us. If you have a burning desire to look like you’re wearing bed socks in the street, however, and you don’t mind paying £374 to achieve that effect, you can buy these here.

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