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Impostor Footwear Returns: The Snowflake boot by Shellys London

Shellys London shoe with attached sock

If angels die when someone wears a pair of clumpy shoe boots on the red carpet, what happens when shoe designers attach socks to their shoes? It must be something bad, because honestly: WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

We actually thought it had stopped. We thought our officers had successfully managed to see off all of the Footwear Impostors of the world (or jail is full to the brim with them, seriously), but then along comes Shelly’s London with this terrible example of a boot that’s pretending to be a shoe-and-sock.

Now, we’re not saying it’s ugly. Well, OK, we kind of ARE saying it’s ugly, to be honest. But as with all of these cases, it’s mostly the sheer impracticality of it that bothers us. Why would you want your socks to be attached to your shoes? Wouldn’t that get a bit boring? Do people buy shoes, and then always, ALWAYS wear the exact same pair of socks with them, and never want to wear anything different? Have these people never heard of REMIXING?

These socks are attached to the shoes. They will never be parted now. If you don’t like the socks, that’s too bad: they’re the only socks you’ll ever wear with these shoes. If you DO like the socks, you can click here to buy them: they’re $140.

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