Fashion Police

Impostor Alert! MARSèLL’s ankle boots-pretending-to-be-shoes

They’ve hidden it very slightly better than some of their partners in crime, but The Fashion Police aren’t fooled. We accuse these Marsèll ankle boots of being Footwear Impostors, because you see that flesh coloured insert over the bridge of the foot? That’s pretending to be your foot. Not only that, but it’s pretending to be your DEAD foot, that has been clumsily stitched together with a shoelace, perhaps by some insane horror-movie type super-villain. We really wish we hadn’t had that extra doughnut at lunch now.

The fleshy upper, however, isn’t our only concern with these. Witness the strangely saggy heel:

We don’t know about you, but we think it’s bad enough we have to deal with wrinkles on our face and sometimes in our stockings: we really don’t need to be dealing with wrinkles on our heels.

We hereby find these shoes guilty on two counts: being impostors and, er, being wrinkly. Bail is set at £280, and is payable to

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