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Impostor Alert! Boots pretending to be (ugly) shoes by Antonio Marras


Sometimes, readers, an item of clothing is so ugly that even The Fashion Police have to admit defeat.

This is one of these times.

We were powerless to stop these Antonio Marras boots from impersonating a pair of shoes. All we could do was stare in wonder at their ugliness, and ask ourselves why, if you were a boot attempting to pass yourself off as a shoe, would you choose such a downright ugly shoe to impersonate?

We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that almost all available sizes of these boot/shoe hybrids have been impounded, and bail has been set high: you'll need to pay £530 to get these out of jail, and we can't actually imagine anyone wanting to free them, so we think the world is safe from them and their shoe impersonating ways. For now.

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