Impostor Alert! Boots pretending to be shoes by Allessandro Dell’Acqua


 With this one design, we feel the perpetrators of Impostor Footwear crimes have reached a new low. And as anyone who's ever taken a peek inside that particular section of our jail will confirm, that's really saying something.

The thing about most hybrid shoes, however, is that however awful they are, you can generally rely on one of the partners in crime to be OK. In fart, many times we'll find us looking at one of these unfortunate pieces and thinking, "Nice shoe – if only it didn't have a freaking boot attached to it!"

Not so here. While the boot part itself is as inoffensive as only a flat black knee boot can be, the act of pairing it with a pair of fugly slip-ons that look not unlike grandma's slippers convinces us that the designer of these boots didn't even TRY to make them aesthetically pleasing. Because, peep toe slippers? With black knee socks? It's not like this is a combination we'd want to try out even if the "slippers" and "socks" in question WEREN'T actually attached to each other. So why on earth would we want them when they ARE?

More puzzling still: why would we want to pay £245 for them? Or, indeed, ANYTHING for them?

Your input into this matter would be much appreciated. Meanwhile, if you want to buy them, you'll find hem in solitary confinement. We mean, at

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  • July 21, 2009

    Bella France

    I must agree. You couldn’t give them to me. These have to be the most pug ugly boots I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what the designer got for this, but if you ask me he/she/it should have got life!

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  • July 21, 2009


    i could have lived with the purple buckle and strip at the knee…even that dang giant gold zipper tab (although i still think “why?” to that)…but that teal footie slipper thing is just wrong…just eww

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