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IMPORTANT! There is nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky’s baby bump! We are not the E! Network! Everyone calm down!

Elsa Pataky at the 2014 Oscars

[We posted this on Facebook earlier today, but wanted to put it here too, just so we don’t miss anyone…]

It’s come to our attention that, yet again, the E! Network “Fashion Police” show has brought the Fashion Police name into disrepute by apparently mocking Elsa Pataky’s baby bump on air. We’re getting a bit of abuse on Twitter about this (This has extended to people asking if our Twitter account should be shut down: things like this could obviously have quite serious implications for our brand and business, and it’s really disturbing to us that people will do things like this without checking to make sure they’re targeting the right person…), so we just want to clarify once again that we are not the E! Network, we have no connection to the show, and we certainly don’t share or endorse their views: in fact, it’s as annoying to us as it is to anyone else when they make comments like this – possibly more so, because we always get caught up in the backlash!

We currently have disclaimers on both the site itself, and on our social media accounts, stating that we are not connected to the E! Network, so we’re not sure what else we can do to get the message across, other than repeating posts like this every so often. It was suggested to us today on Twitter that it’s our own fault for having the same name as a popular TV show: just to be clear, we’ve been using the name “Fashion Police” online since 2005, and the E! Network show didn’t launch until 2010, so we actually DID have the name first, and could not have anticipated that a TV show of the same name would launch five years later – obviously if we’d known this would happen, we’d have gone with a different name!

Unfortunately changing our name now would cost a lot of money, and would potentially destroy the brand we’ve spent almost a decade building up, so it’s just not an option. All we can do is hope that most of our followers will realise that we have no connection to Joan Rivers et al, and cut us some slack when they express views which we definitely don’t share.

On the subject of Elsa Pataky and her bump…

Our mantra has always been “criticise clothes, not people,” and we hope our regular readers will know that it’s just not our style to attack someone for having a visible baby bump (or even a FOOD baby bump, come to think of it): in fact, we’re as offended as anyone else by that, because COME ON, people. The woman is pregnant! What’s she supposed to do, wear a sack?

And for the record: we think Elsa Pataky looks gorgeous.

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