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Important Message about The Fashion Police and Heart Internet web hosting

(NOTE: If you’re a Hot Igloo website customer and have found that your site is redirecting to here, please accept our apologies. You’ll find an explanation of what has happened below:  please rest assured that we have backups of your sites, and they should be back online very soon. Thanks for your patience.)

Hi everyone,

First of all, huge apologies for the fact that the site has been down all day today.

Secondly, you’ll probably notice that now that it’s back, it’s displaying posts from September – or not displayig them, as the case may be, because many of the images and comments are currently missing. This is because at about 2pm today our web hosts, Heart Internet, contacted us to say that while they were working on our server they had managed to irretrievably lose the entire site  – and all the rest of our websites – and that there was absolutely nothing they could do to recover it. Essentially, they told us (and, indeed, all of our other sites) was gone for good.


As you can see, that turned out not to be true and they have managed to restore most of the site. We have, however, lost just over a month’s worth of posts, and you will notice that the images are currently missing from many of the posts we do have. We have our own backup of those posts, but it will take us several days to get them back online, and unfortunately there won’t be any posts here on Monday because it’s going to take us at least until then to deal with the considerable fallout from this fiasco.

We’re really sorry for the interruption in transmission, and hope you’ll bear with us for a couple of days until we can get back on our feet.

The Fashion Police

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