IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The Fashion Police are moving!


Hi everyone,

This weekend, will be moving to a new platform and server. For most of you, this won't cause any disruption at all (we hope!) – you should be able to just log on as normal on Monday without any problems (although if you're visiting the site over the weekend, there may well be some periods of downtime).

There are some of you, however, who are still visiting the site through our old Typepad URL, If you're one of those people. it's really important that you stop using this URL and update your bookmarks and links to our correct address, which is After this weekend, the old URL will cease to be updated, and will eventually be removed altogether, so if you want to continue reading, please make sure you're visiting

If you're subscribing by RSS we don't anticipate any problems. However, if a few days go by without any updates, you may want to check the live site to make sure you're not missing anything, and drop us a line to let us know the address of the RSS feed you're subscribing to, so we can fix it.

Because not everyone who reads the site visits us every day, we'll be repeating this message every day until the move happens, just so we don't leave any of you behind. Apologies to those of you who'll see it more than once 🙂

Remember: update your links to ! Thanks!

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