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‘Imagination’ mesh dress leaves little to the imagination

Bad fashion: mesh dress with sheer top

This dress is called the “Imagination” dress. Which is strange, really, considering that it really leaves very little to the imagination at all, does it? A more accurate name might be the  “One Wrong Move and You’re Topless” dress, say. Or the “I Use My Breasts to Get Attention” dress. You can leave your own suggestions in the comments box, should you wish.

While we’re on the subject of barely there, clothing, though, we just want to ask: what’s with that? Seriously, is there some kind of fabric shortage we don’t know about, which is forcing designers to cut corners wherever they can? Because it sure looks like it. For instance, on the same website we found the No Imagination Dress, we also discovered this:

Bad fashion: sheer dress We’ll leave it up to you to choose a name for this one…

Oh, and last but not least, if you’d like to pay $2,955 to wear a dress that’s not really a dress at all, how about this one by James Long?

James Long macrame dress$3k well spent, don’t you think?


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