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Hybrid Jeans: Mango’s denim/leather crossover

mango-leather-jeansAre you still wearing jeans that are made from only one fabric? Denim, say? Well, you are SO behind the times, sister! Nowadays all jeans have to contain AT LEAST two different fabrics, and this is by decree of the fashion Gods.

We showed you one example of this “trend” yesterday, with Siwy’s “jeans and nylons” creation, and now here’s another, this time from Mango, who’ve mated denim and leather. We like this example a little more than the Siwy jeans, purely because at least we know we wouldn’t ladder these ones while we were putting them on, but we still think the effect is a little cheap: perhaps unsurprisingly, given that these are £42, and clearly not real leather. Would you wear them?

Mango light denim/leather jeans, £42

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