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How to Wear the Nautical Look, Part 2

It’s time for part two of our latest Style Challenge, in which we asked you what you’d wear with those nautical stripes that keep popping up everywhere right now. Here’s how you answered!

1. Julia’s outfit:

Funky Nautical Look

2. Janelle’s outfit:

3. Katie’s outfit:

Military Is Only One Step Away From Nautical

4. Serinde’s outfit:


5. Riali’s outfit:

Not So Nautical

6. Kay’s outfit:

so make a move, I don't got all night.

7. Stitch’s outfit:


8. Ash’s outfit:

English Class Wednesday

9. Gwendolyn’s outfit:


10. Karen’s outfit:

Life is Good at the Beach

11. Cleps’ outfit

Boardwalk Games

12. Danielle de la Mont’s outfit:

Nautical Challenge

13. Oana F’s outfit:

Fun Fun

14. Momo’s outfit:

not sailor

By >momotaro
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