How to Wear a Playsuit

Playsuits have never been particularly high on The Fashion Police’s list of Looks We Love (Yes, there is an actual list…). While they can look great on the hanger, this is a look that can be rather infantilising on a grown woman, and for those of us no longer in our teens, number of situations in which the super-short look is appropriate seems to grow shorter with each passing year. Then, of course, there’s the fact that you have to get totally undressed every time you want to use the bathroom: ain’t nobody got time for that.

That said, every so often a new crop of playsuits comes along which makes us think, “You know, we don’t totally HATE those…” And that thought naturally leads to the question, “But how on earth would we WEAR them without looking like a toddler, or flashing way too much flesh?”

Here are some quick tips on how to wear a playsuit….

green polka dot playsuit | How to wear a playsuit

River Island green polka dot playsuit, £25

Choose a playsuit that looks like a dress

Looking more like an (albeit short) vintage-style tea dress than a toddler-esque playsuit, the loose-cut legs on this green polka dot playsuit from River Island will make it flattering to the thighs, and relatively easy to style. We’d go for red lips and victory rolls with this one, but of course we WOULD say that.

Topshop metallic origami playsuit

Topshop metallic origami playsuit, £55

Look for tailored styles

This origami number from Topshop is shorter and less forgiving than the first style we showed you, but the tailored shape keeps it looking “grown up”. You won’t get away with it at the office, of course, but for an evening out, it could make an interesting alternative to a dress for those of you who consider your legs to be your greatest asset: the high neckline makes up for the shortness of the, well, shorts.

Go for a loose style and flowing fabrics

No matter how great your figure is, the super-short, super-tight playsuits which turn up in stores every now and then look more like swimwear or lingerie than they do regular clothes, which is a good enough reason to avoid them. This, for instance…

short denim playsuit

New Look denim playsuit, £24.99

…reminds us of one of Britney’s stage costumes, circa 2003. This one, meanwhile…

pink chiffon playsuit

Pink playsuit, Rare London

…is a really pretty negligée, so we’ve no idea why the model is wearing those clumpy boots with it.

Choose something just a little bit looser, longer and less see-through instead, and don’t be afraid to size up, especially if you have a long  torso: there are few things more uncomfortable than a too-small playsuit. Er, not that we’d know, obviously.

Wear tights

Worried about the large expanse of leg that most playsuits leave on show? If the weather (and the playsuit) allows it, opaque tights will make a short hem seem longer, and more modest.

black and white polka dot playsuit

polka dot playsuit, £18, House of Fraser

Remember: context is everything

As a final note, remember that context is everything, i.e WHERE you’re wearing your playsuit is of the utmost importance. Even the nicer styles probably won’t be appropriate for very formal settings, for instance, but if you’re on holiday at the beach, say, a playsuit might look much more appropriate.

Are you convinced? Would you wear a playsuit, or do you think these are a huge no-no for anyone over a certain age?

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