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How to tell if your shorts are too short: the whole world can see what’s in your pockets


  Oh, here we go…. This happens every summer: the sun comes out and suddenly women start walking around in shorts so tiny that the lining of the pockets dangles below the  chopped-off hems. Yes, Britney, we are looking at you here…

Now, admittedly, some of these women have fantastic figures, and good for them. We still don't want to see the inside of their clothes, though: or, indeed, the back of their butt cheeks dangling below the shorts – and if the front is tiny enough for the pockets to hang down, the back is normally tiny enough to let the butt hang down, too. Which just isn't nice, is it?

To be fair, these particular shorts are by Free People and we suspect the pockets have been deliberately elongated to create the illusion of too short shorts, without the actual… shortness. They may not actually look indecent on, in that case, but they're doing a pretty good job of faking it. They're also of the "expensively pre-ripped" variety too, which means you'll pay $198 for something that looks like it's about to fall off you at any moment. Which is presumably the whole point.

We'd probably give these a pass if they were worn at the beach, say, but anywhere else and we'd be inclined to view it as a sure sign the shorts in question are just too damn short. What do you think?

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