How to Pose Like a Model: The Hair Twirl

Want to amaze and impress your friends by posing exactly like a fashion model? Let The Fashion Police show you how! In part one of our series we present Model Pose #1: The Hair Twirl, as demonstrated by our old friends, the ASOS models!

How to pose like a model

“Oh, gosh, is that a camera? I totally didn’t see it there!” [source]

STEP ONE: Adopt open-mouthed, “Just standin’ here twirlin’ mah hair, when along comes a cameraman” expression.

How to pose like a model

“Whoops! Got me again!” [source]

STEP TWO: Start twirling!

hair twirling model

“Er, actually, I think the hair might be stuck to my finger…”

STEP 3: That’s it. Congratulations! You’re now posing like a model!

hair twirl

“Mind if I get in on the act?”

hair twirling model

“And me?”

Modelling is hard

Room for one more?”

And now you know one way to pose like a model!

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