Fashion Boobs: How not to wear Foley + Corinna’s see-through chiffon top


Apparently there was no way for Shopbop to illustrate the see-through nature of this Foley + Corinna top, other than making the model wear it with totally bare breasts underneath, and then Photoshopping out her nipples. No bras, no cami tops, no undergarments of any kind that would’ve allowed us to see that the top was sheer without making the poor girl look like a particularly scary Barbie. Because nipples are NOT ACCEPTABLE, but naked Barbie boobs are totally fine, apparently.

Modelling: it’s not nearly as glamorous as it looks, you know.

(Also: since they’ve yet to invent Photoshop for real life, we’d advise anyone contemplating buying this top NOT to try this look in public. Please.)

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