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How much would you pay for a beanie hat?


“Simply slips on!” declares the product page for this hat at Browns Fashion. Well, they had to try and find some way to make it sound unique and exciting, didn’t they? Otherwise they’d have to have written, “Looks just like any other beanie, but is made by Rick Owens, so we’re going to charge you £115 for it.”

Seriously, Rick Owens is a great designer and some of his stuff really is innovative. Not this, though. This is a beanie hat. And yeah, it’s 68% baby alpaca, and we’re sure it’s lovely and soft, but we just don’t think Rick Owens had to slave for hours over the design, somehow.

What do you think, readers? Is a designer beanie worth the money, or are you happy to save your pennies on a budget version?

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