Holiday Jewels: 10 Gorgeous Pieces of Jewelry From Free People

With the holidays in full swing, you’re probably out searching for the perfect gift to get that special someone in your life. One of the best gifts to get for a loved one is a nice piece of jewelry. However, nice jewelry is often expensive. Fortunately, retailers like Free People have endless pieces of jewelry that are absolutely beautiful for affordable prices! Check out just ten gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Free People below:

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1. Reflection Asymmetric Earrings, $38

jewelry holiday gifts

These asymmetrical earrings are so gorgeous, no one will believe how affordable they were!

2. Galaxy Bar Necklace, $38

holiday gifts jewelry

This bold necklace comes in rose gold, gold, or silver!

3. Little Layer Necklace, $20

holiday jewelry gifts

This delicate layered necklace comes in magenta, turquoise and black!

4. Lotus Cuff, $158

jewelry holiday gifts

This gorgeous cuff is on the pricier side, but it will definitely make a statement!

5. Mazzy Single Earring, $18

jewelry holiday gifts

Could this long fringe earring be any more beautiful?

6. Merewif Droplet Ring, $78

jewelry free people

This bold golden ring will have everyone asking where you got it!

7. Foil Bangle Set, $58

free people bracelets

The flecks of gold in these bangles are subtle yet eye-catching and will add a touch of flair to any outfit!

8. Vanessa Mooney Future Ring, $40

affordable rings

We can hardly believe this stunning ring is only $40! It’s a plus that they’re available in three colors!

9. Merewif Henrietta Necklace, $88

affordable necklaces

This necklace is simple yet statement-making and we would wear it with just about anything!

10. Brighton Stone Collar, $38

affordable nice necklaces

We feel downright hypnotized by how beautiful these stones are!

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