Holey Clothes! Natalie Encarnita Port Hole Dress

Port Hole Dress

This is the kind of dress that looks like it would force you to always stand in exactly the same way in order to show it off to its full effect. We’re thinking an arms-by-the-sides stance would be best, if you wanted people to notice the “port hole” effect created by the holes cut into the sides and elbows: we’re also thinking you’d possibly want to hit up the gym first, to make sure your love handles are shown to their best advantage, too…

This dress is by Natalie Encarnita, and is £75 at ASOS. We actually hesitate to call this one a Crime of Fashion, purely because the Clothes With Holes movement has claimed so many victims now that our eyes have started to adjust to it and, to be honest, we’d probably be more surprised these days to come across an item of clothing that DOESN’T have a gaping hole in it somewhere.

What do you think, though? Are you so used to holey clothes you could see yourself wearing this, or do you still long for the days when your mother would have those holes stitched up in no time for you?

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