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Holey clothes! LnA Ripped V Tee

"It's 'edgy', OK?"

"It's 'edgy', OK?"

On the plus side, this only costs £24.11, which isn’t TOO extortionate. (Although it WAS £40. Yes.)

On the minus side, however: £24?! For something that looks like THIS? And people are willingly going out and spending money on a brand-new-but-looks-old pre-ripped t-shirt? So they can look, like, really cool and edgy and be all, “Oh, hai, I totally just pulled this out of the dumpster this morning! No, of course I didn’t go and buy a brand, spanking new t-shirt that looks like I’ve had it for ever? Do I look stupid?”

Umm, well, you DID ask…

Would you pay for a t-shirt that looks like this, readers? Your answers to this are important: we have a bunch of ancient white t-shirts burning a hole in our closet, you see, and we’re thinking scissiors, eBay, hello easy money! What do you think?

LnA Ripped V Tee, £24.11

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