Holey Clothes: Julien Macdonald fine-knit slash-detail sweater

We can’t see this model’s face but we imagine that she looks pretty upset.  She’s just paid almost £600 for this sweater and it’s falling apart already!  We’re not sure whether she caught her shoulder on a nail, or was viciously attacked by some relation of the clothes ripper.  Either way she is in danger of the right shoulder giving way completely, leaving her in rather a predicament as she may end up revealing more than she initially intended.

Net-A-Porter call this a ‘directional separate’ and it’s directional alright.  We just feel it should be heading in the direction of the rag bags as we’re not sure such an amount of damage can be mended, no matter how talented the seamstress.

What do you think though?  Would you pay £590 for a sweater with holes in the shoulder?  If you would, you can buy it here.

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