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Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses

Let’s talk about hipsters.

Specifically, let’s talk about the way hipsters will often wear prescription-frame glasses… without the prescription. In other words, they’re not short, or long-sighted, and that’s just a little bit inconvenient for our hipster friends, so they buy glasses with clear plastic lenses in them, so they can achieve the LOOK of short-sightedness, without the pesky vision problems that accompany it.

Glasses like the ones above, say, which are £280 at Net-Porter, and which contain clear plastic lenses. (Actually, we’re wondering if the appearance of “designer” hipster glasses, and the fact that they’re now being sold as mainstream fashion accessories, means that we can no longer even call them that? Surely hipsters will be obliged to hate the acceptance of their glasses into the mainstream, and have to go and find something else suitably obscure to wear?)

This “trend” – if it can be called that – ties in with the hipster’s need to identify themselves as a “geek” or a “nerd” at all times. Being a “geek” has become cool, you see. Being a nerd, even more so. “Oh, I’m such a book nerd!” people will say, smugly. Or “I was on Facebook all night: I’m such a geek!” (Because, in this day and age, using a social networking site is pretty much all you need in order to declare yourself a “geek”. The Fashion Police despair. Oh, and while we’re on the subject: buying exactly the same expensive gadgets and having exactly the same, very mainstream interests as everyone else on our Facebook friends list doesn’t make you a “geek”. It makes you a hipster. Got it?) And, of course, in the mind of the hipster, geeks wear glasses, and if the hipster doesn’t actually need glasses (shame!), why, he or she will just buy ones with clear lenses in them instead!

What we want to know, of course, is what you all think of this.

On the one hand, you could argue that there’s no reason why people SHOULDN’T allow 20-20 vision to stand in the way of the image they desire. For some people, spectacles are just a fashion accessory, the same as any other, and if you like the look of them, and think they suit you, or whatever, why on earth shouldn’t you wear them? Why should people with poor vision have all the fun? Fashion doesn’t always have to be practical, does it? You can totally wear glasses you don’t need and call it a fashion statement!

On the other hand, we guess you could also argue (and we’re not saying we would make this argument, here, just that we could…) that wearing glasses you don’t need just because you think they look good, is a bit like using a walking stick you don’t need, or adopting a wheelchair as your preferred mode of transport because you’ve decided they’re, like, SO 2011 or something.

What do YOU think? Would you wear glasses with clear lenses? And if so, would you pay £280 (about $400) for designer frames, or just pick up a cheap pair at H&M or Urban Outfitters?


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