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Celebrity Style on Trial: Hilary Duff at MTV’s TRL “Total Finale Live”


We see what Hillary Duff was trying to do here, of course. She’s taken a short, low-cut dress and tried to give it an air of respectability by encasing it within a longer, higher-necked, albeit totally transparent dress. Or its designer has, anyway.

We’ll give her a couple of points for effort (and because we like her hair), but ultimately we have to call “foul” on this one because…meh. Just pick and style and stick to it, Hilary! We can’t be doing with this “neither one thing nor another” look, and we can’t rightly say why. We think it may be something to do with the fact that, rather than making the super-short dress look slightly more demure, the transparent overlay only serves to draw attention to its super-shortness.

Oh, we don’t know. And we loved her “Look! I’m going to the election” look a couple of weeks back, so maybe we’re being too hard on Hil. What do you think, readers? Crime of fashion, or super-cute? Hilary shows us the back view under the jump…


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